Chili for Breakfast….

I am a strong believer in using my left overs; I hate to waste food. Some would say I have become a little eccentric at times in my effort to integrate last nights dinner into tomorrows breakfast; but I say its food all the same. So when I had a little stitch of chili left over from a weekend batch, I decided to incorporate it into breakfast. If you live under a rock or don’t due the rapidly growing, gentrified brunch scene then you haven’t noticed the exploitation of the “sunny side up egg”. Just when chickens were able to exhale a little, chefs and cooks every where started “softly cooking their ovaries product”… And to add insult to injury throwing it on top of everything from chicken (hmmm) to burgers. Now don’t get me wrong, folks are on to something here. You could put a fried egg on a brick and I’d prolly try to eat it, its not the egg its the yolk, that runny, disturbingly reminiscent goo, salty and sticky that taste so good on practically EVERYTHING. So it was only natural that I would pass of my chili as breakfast/brunch chili by tossing an egg on it and some cheese and the crumbled bottom of the bag tortilla chips with an accompaniment of random herbs (mainly cilantro) and green onions. It was delicious and simple; plus people think your all interesting and cool because you made “breakfast chili” then they go tell their friends and secretly feel disappointed at boring¬†french toast and bacon… All the while dreaming of your left over chili! Bon Appetit!

  • Please follow my Chili recipe “The Best Chili” for the chili in this recipe.



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