Next Level Southwestern Egg Scramble

The beauty of eggs done right! I woke up this morning and thought I want to do something different with my eggs, I want to do something fancy. I didn’t want poached eggs or an omelet; actually I didn’t know what I wanted. So I just started to cook as I often do. I came up with this beauty. An ode to the 80’s-early 90’s aerodynamic trend, a kind of overly done up, formed egg scramble containing corn, black beans, onions, bacon, spinach, broccoli and chili garlic sauce. I placed the completed scramble into a ramekin to set up the scramble and form it. I placed cheese on top of the egg scramble once in the ramekin to act as a base and glue once I flipped the formed scramble out. Be patient and let it cool a little. Flip the beauty out onto a plate and top with an avocado “mousse” (avocado, garlic, salt, pepper, cilantro, sour cream, heavy cream). You can add what ever floats your boat to this dish, I like to top with some fried jalapeño’s and a side of tortilla chips! Enjoy!! This dish is easy and can be prepared a day ahead of time and then reheated in an oven if your pressed for time. Enjoy my loves.


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