Scallops in Caper Butter Sauce

There is something so special and delicate about scallops. They are little pillows of tenderness that if cooked correctly can almost bring a tear to your eye. I admit it took me years to learn to cook scallops just right and many nights were spent eating rubbery little medallions of what once was a perfect scallop. I think the reason people mess up scallops is the same reason people mess up chicken; its our ingrained fear of “raw” food. The fear that you won’t cook the scallop through fully and your guest will run away in horror over the fact that you served partially cooked scallops. I am telling you today.. TO GET OVER IT! Scallops cook up quickly and the best way to get a nice sear on the outside with a tender inside is to get your pan piping hot with a little olive oil or butter. I don’t typically season my scallops because I think they taste awesome as is and I typically pair my scallops with a sauce. For this recipe I cooked each scallop about 2 minutes each side; it will all depend on the size of your scallop. Remove the scallop from the pan and set it aside. Use the pan to melt some butter and throw in capers. Plate the scallops pour over the butter/ caper sauce and top with a little caviar and garlic chives if you wish. This is the type of meal you make to impress your friends and look fancy! Serve with a good white wine or champagne.


  • Scallops (large)
  • Capers
  • Butter
  • Fish Roe
  • Chives

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