Boot & Shoe Service: Oakland, CA Chronicles

So once a year I get to go out to California and visit my sister in the Bay Area; Oakland to be exact. I have grown to look forward to these pilgrimages out west due to the culinary experiences that I have each and every time I visit. The farm to table, local produce, seasonal cooking movement is alive and well in California and the many new and eclectic restaurants popping up in and around Oakland are inspiring and immense in number. The picture above is from Boot & Shoe Service another “hipster” installment in the already saturated gentrified hipster-ish restaurant movement in Oakland. The establishment is far beyond what its face value content presents, it is a creativity in its most fearless state, it’s an unapologetic and ever-changing menu full of beautiful and fresh combinations, some expected and some not. I went there on a Saturday afternoon in June of 2015, for a late brunch menu; I ordered the polenta with castelmagno cheese topped with chanterelles, spinach and a poached egg. I looked around me at my fellow dinners plates, worried that I had ordered the wrong thing as I saw others order the Boot and Saddle’s famous wood-fired pizzas. I was relieved when my plate was laid in front of me, I breathed in the earthy and woody scent of the mushrooms and could see the richness of the cheese. I broke the poached egg and was careful to get a fork full of every ingredient, it was then that I tasted the most harmonious mixture of ingredients. I ate every last bit of this savory and comforting dish. The texture of fine grits with salty cheese, meaty mushrooms, delicate spinach and creamy egg; I knew I would be back for more. I don’t say goodbye to Boot & Shoe Service but I say until we meet again.

To check out Boot & Shoe Service please visit them here:


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