Burgers Done Right!

Burgers! Who doesn’t like burgers? I guess there are a few folks out their who don’t, like 5 people united in the hatred of burgers.. However I digress; you are looking at one of the most delicious homemade burgers I have ever had. Gone are the times where you ate your mom’s meat loaf tasting hockey puck patties with plastic cheese on awkward square bread. I encourage you to step your burger game up. I will tell you to stop squishing the hell out of your burger while its trying to cook; your killing the best part which are those good fatty juices. I will tell you to stop cooking the shit out of your burgers for fear of ecoli; cook to temperature and stop buying meat from the back alley meat purveyors. I am not saying you should eat a raw burger, but a little pink adds to flavor and adds a touch of tenderness. So to make this wonder of a burger go to your local supermarket/ butcher and ask for an 80-20 blend of beef, if you get a 90-10 blend or worse a 95-5 blend your burger will be dry! The higher the percentage of fat the better, however 80% lean-20% fat makes the best burger in my opinion. After you get your beef, pick up your buns and accoutrements; I like a smoked Mozzarella, Havarti or Gouda for this burger and Brioche buns. The veggies I used were your basic grilled white onion, tomato and arugula. Divide your beef up into four even balls, season with salt and pepper and maybe a little garlic, then flatten slightly, making sure you press your thumb to make a small indent or well in the middle, this will ensure your burger doesn’t plump up like a meatball instead of a burger. Grill your burger about 5-10 minutes each side; remember this is all dependent on how large you make your patties. Once the burger is on its final minute of grill time place your cheese on top. Put the Brioche buns on the griddle to get all toasty and then remove and dress one bun with a mustard or a mayo; whichever you prefer. I used a truffle mustard and then built the burger as shown above. Please enjoy and impress yourself and friends with your burger magic!!


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