Salmon with Onions and Ginger-Soy Remoulade

Salmon is quite possibly one of my most favorite fish. The versatility of salmon is a plus for cooks all over because you really can’t screw up salmon. The fish has its own delicious flavoring, so it doesn’t need a heavy seasoning. It takes on a flaky, meaty, buttery, salty and oily texture once cooked and yields exquisitely well to Asian flavors such as the one featured above. I am always and I mean always playing with sauces. I like to make what I call “quick short cut sauces”, the QSCS. These sauces consist of store bought mayo for creamy based sauces and mustard for sauces that need to cut through rich heavy meats. The sauce I created above was made with a combination of mayo, ground fresh ginger, and soy sauce; you can use vinegar to thin it out if it is too thick. The result is a smooth and decadent sauce that compliments the heartiness of the salmon and cuts through its richness. The salmon was grilled for five minutes on each side; as it was a smaller filet. While the spring onions and red onions were grilled with olive oil and salt. This is the type of dish you make to impress the shit out of your friends and in the end only you know that it only ate up 15 minutes of your precious life to cook and construct.


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