bacon & butter: Sacramento, CA

There was a time when I was angry that my parents relocated to California from Pennsylvania; I could not understand how they would ever want to do this; I mean who wants to leave cold weather, dirty snow and that good old “Philadelphia” hospitality. In all honesty I shouldn’t have been surprised because for most of my life my family were in some way gypsies; I have lived in four states, went to three or four elementary schools and two high schools. So while it took me years to give California a chance; I have learned to love Philly while also finding love for my family’s home city of Sacramento.

This little city is in the midst of a farm to table frenzy with creative folks flocking to it from the more expensive real estate markets of the Bay Area. This makes for a great dining experience within the city; as small restaurants pop up more frequently with fresh takes on classics or more simplified fine dining. I visited Sacramento this June and had brunch with my family at bacon & butter, a rather small establishment with superior brunch offerings. I knew this place had to be good when my family insisted on waiting in a line that went down the sidewalk in 107 degree heat. I was not disappointed. I ordered the Fried Green Tomato Benedict with Lardon, Sweet Corn, Arugula and Béarnaise (featured). I ate it in a record amount of time and then looked to my mothers plate full of Chili Verde Hash made with Pork Butt, with a sprinkle of hot sauce (picture below). I have to say that I totally loved this place, with its large portions and simplicity. I can’t wait to go back. If your ever in Sacramento check them out, tell them I sent you; not that that will do anything for you, but you can still try (smile).

bacon & butter

Cali Food 2


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