A Simple Tomato

There is something beautiful about a tomato presented simply. As a child I scoffed at my mother who loved to eat a fresh and ripe tomato with nothing but salt; but it was only in my adulthood that I truly understood the joy in this. The photo below is a simple, but delicious Kumato tomato with smoked sea salt. This little tomato is pretty awesome due to the fact that its seeds cannot be grown or purchased by the general public; there are actual patents held for this tomato species. So I was more than excited to find them at a local grocery in New Jersey. I admit that sometimes I cook and other times I just prepare as seen here. Simplicity at its best as it highlights the given sweetness and juiciness of the fruit.


  • Kumato Tomatoes
  • Smoked Sea Salt



One Comment Add yours

  1. Sheena B says:

    Looks Delicious and Nutritious:)


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